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The Budaörs Property Developer and Service Company (ISC Ltd.) was founded in 1999 aiming to develop its 60 hactare site in order to create a favourable operating conditions to SMEs.

ISC Ltd. has acquired the title „Industrial Park” in 1999 and so the Budaörs Industrial and Technology Park (BITEP) in 2002.


ISC Ltd. has the following activities:


-         Seeking prospective buyers (property selling), providing facilities for (property development that satisfies clients needs)

-         Providing service package to SMEs

Due to the successful operation of ISC Ltd. 300 companies have been settled in BITEP employing 3000 people.


Budaörsi ISC realised the untapped possibilities in using renewable energy and IT technology and founded CHIC (Central Hungarian Innovation Centre) as a service provider for innovative SMEs dealing with these topics. BITEP ensures the infrastructural background, Budaörsi ISC provides services and contractual relation with the settled SMEs. CHIC provides professional services (e.g. consultancy, innovation management, quality control, technology transfer possibilities and legal consulting) and organising the scientific activity of the innovative SMEs.



Budaörsi ISC Kft.

H-2040 Budaörs, Gyár u. 2.

Phone: (+36) 23 887 500

Fax: (+36) 887 501

E-mail: info@isc.co.hu


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